Shaft sleeves

Initial situation

Many clients come to Putzier because they’re in need of effective protection against running-in wear on the seal seats of a shaft caused by the sealing elements. They want solutions which ensure the long-term operation of machinery or which can regenerate worn components. In addition, they’d like to be able to replace worn components easily and inexpensively during maintenance.

The solution

We take an economical approach on our clients’ behalf. Removing and then coating the drive shaft is complicated and costly – so instead we can manufacture shaft sleeves which sit on the shafts and can be removed and replaced quickly and easily when necessary.
In addition to one-piece shaft sleeves, in some industries (e.g. for certain applications in hydropower) split shaft sleeves are required for servicing reasons if the removal of one-piece shaft sleeves would be technically difficult or very expensive. This is an area in which Putzier has plenty of expertise and experience.
Putzier usually makes shaft sleeves out of austenitic stainless steels or nickel-based alloys. Any metallic materials can be used for applications not subject to corrosion. The wear-resistant coating is only applied locally in the precise areas subject to wear.
Depending on the application, we recommend carbide or ceramic mating surfaces. We’ll be happy to advise you on the best solution for your shaft sleeve.

Putzier coating systems

Putzier coating systems suitable for shaft sleeves include MO26, MC40 and MC34. FDA/EC 1935 declarations of compliance are available for selected coating systems. The special sealer technology developed and perfected by Putzier enables surfaces to be optimized for use in sealing systems exposed to highly corrosive substances.

The result

Shaft sleeves protect your expensive shafts – and since they can be easily replaced, they also save time and money. Our clients receive technically optimized surfaces with a longer service life, less wear and improved corrosion resistance, enabling longer operating times and reducing downtime costs. We can stock regenerated components on your behalf to safeguard future supplies. Shaft sleeves are much cheaper than drive shafts and can be quickly replaced, keeping costs down. In addition, shaft sleeves can be economically reconditioned.

Why opt for Putzier?

Thanks to our modern CNC production, we are able to produce shaft sleeves for you cost-effectively in large quantities with consistently high quality. We can provide FDA/EC 1935 declarations of compliance for selected coating systems for your shaft sleeves, enabling seamless documentation up to and including the coating. We also have extensive manufacturing know-how concerning split shaft sleeves suitable for instance for hydropower applications. The possibility of call-off contracts ensures the rapid supply of spare parts in case of component failure, saves money, and reduces costly downtime.