Initial situation

Many clients need more than just durable, efficient seals based on a system suitable for their specific requirements. They also need a mating surface that matches the sealing element and which is suitable for radial, axial or linear movements. Moreover, the mating surface must meet high standards in terms of surface topography, hardness and coating structure. Axial seals – such as those used in lamp production where a vacuum is required – are often also beset by the problem of a lack of lubrication.

The solution

Putzier applies an abrasion-resistant thermal spray coating in order to boost the performance of mating surfaces and then adapt it to the exact system conditions and the other components involved. We offer our clients a range of coatings specially designed for sealing movements in order to protect sealing elements and hence extend system lifetime. Surfaces are individually adapted to dry-running axial sealing systems.
We apply a ceramic or hard metal coating depending on the application and system parameters. Suitable coatings include our products MO26, MC34 and MC40. All coating systems are then treated using the most suitable finishing process as required. If necessary, the surfaces are also treated with specially formulated sealers.
For the MO26 and MC40 coating systems, FDA/EC 1935 declarations of compliance are available for sealing systems used in the food industry.

The result

The use of thermal coatings as mating surfaces for sealing elements prolongs the service life of sealing systems. The perfected sealer technique for various sealing situations also boosts system performance. The result is that our clients receive a mating surface optimized for their needs.
FDA/EC 1935 declarations of compliance for selected coating systems provide additional security for manufacturers of food processing machinery.

Your advantages with Putzier

We have over 30 years’ experience in thermal spraying and sealing technology, during which time we’ve continuously honed our coatings for very specific sealing cases. We also have extensive expertise regarding the finishing of components and coating systems as well as sealer technology, ensuring that our solutions minimize start-up wear and protect sealing elements.