Papier industry

Initial situation

Manufacturers’ and operators’ paper-making machinery is subject to high wear due to friction and corrosion. Our clients are in need of coatings for components in pumps and agitators as well as chest agitators, deflakers and separators which will provide protection from wear and corrosion. In addition, technical progress has led to faster and faster profiling rolls with web speeds of 2,000 metres per minute (such as Nipco® rolls made by Voith®), increasing the stress on shaft seals and their mating surfaces. And operators are often trying to find a manufacturer who can produce spare parts based on a sample because the original drawings are no longer available.

The solution

To meet these requirements, we apply a wear-resistant thermal spray coating to protect OEM components and spare parts for paper machinery against running-in wear and corrosion. Putzier also regenerates worn components. And we stock a selection of gasket mating surfaces designed to work with PTFE shaft seals at very high rolling speeds.

Based on our many years of expertise, we can manufacture machinery components for the paper industry. We can also produce spare parts drawings which enable us to even supply parts without the original documentation.

Ceramic or hard metal coatings such as Putzier MO26, MC34, MC40 and ML24 are suitable for these applications. These surface coating systems have been specifically optimized for use in high-speed roller seals. Hard metal alloy coatings like ML24 can also be used as sealing elements for sealing glands.

All our coating systems are treated with the most appropriate finishing method depending on the requirements. If necessary, surfaces are treated with specifically formulated sealers.

The result

Our process protects components exposed to severe corrosion and wear by using thermal spray coatings to create a surface optimized for each application. The mating surfaces developed for sealing glands provide extremely high adhesive strength and high resistance to corrosion.

We can safeguard your supply of spare parts in OEM quality – and are the partner you need for new developments in areas such as high-speed sealing systems and machinery subject to high corrosion and wear.

Why choose Putzier?

Throughout our history, we have reliably served the paper industry as a supplier of components for original equipment and spare parts as well as a provider of regeneration and new developments. Consequently, we have amassed vast expertise regarding mating surfaces for high-speed sealing systems used with rollers.

Our coatings are characterized by high density and extremely high adhesive strength when used with sealing glands.