Originally founded by Dr Udo Putzier in 1981, Putzier Oberflächentechnik GmbH is now managed in its second generation by his son Jens since 2002. Over a period spanning 40 years, the company has garnered a top position in its industry.

Wide range of coating processes
With cold gas and wire flame spraying, HVAF, HVOF, plasma and powder flame spraying, Putzier offers its clients a wide choice of methods precisely geared to their technical requirements.

Extensive vertical integration
Contract coating, complete production and regeneration: as well as coating customers' components, Putzier can also regenerate parts and produce finished assemblies ready for installation. The nature and scope of its services depend on the extent of vertical integration in each case and clients' specific needs.

Advanced software
Clients directly benefit from Putzier's advanced software. Using the 3-D CAD software SolidWorks, Putzier's specialists can draw and manufacture parts for which no plans exist – which is especially important for regeneration and repair. With EdgeCAM, a leading system for computer-aided manufacturing, all types of components ranging from very simple to highly complex can be programmed. And using RobotWorks, Putzier designs, simulates, analyses and optimizes complete robotic applications on PC.