Initial situation

Centrifuges which are used to separate abrasive substances are subject to high wear. This problem especially affects the chambers and other components coming into direct contact with such substances. Moreover, abrasive substances also cause wear in the gaskets between the motor unit and the product chamber, resulting in leaks.

The solution

By using the HVOF and HVAF coating processes, we can apply hard metal coatings to areas exposed to high stress which resist wear and extend equipment lifetimes. HVAF is used to produce low-oxide, non-porous coatings with excellent adhesive strength and structure-optimizing properties in order to improve protection against wear. Surface hardness of up to 1400HV can be achieved. Sealing areas are optimized by using hard metal or ceramic wear-resistant mating surfaces.

Putzier applies hard metal coatings based on chromium or tungsten carbide using the HVOF or HVAF coating process. Suitable Putzier products are MC32, MC34 or MC40. For sealing systems we use ceramics, composite fusion coatings consisting of metal alloys, or hard metal coatings, e.g. Putzier MO26, MO14, ML24, MC32, MC34 or MC32.

The result

Areas exposed to stress in the product chamber are protected by coatings designed to counteract wear. Compared to conventional hard metal coatings, HVAF coatings afford much better protection against erosive and abrasive wear. Thin sheet metal parts can also be coated owing to the low temperatures required. Using thermal coatings to optimize sealing systems exposed to abrasive wear between the motor unit and the product chamber extends equipment lifetimes and reduces downtime for maintenance and repairs.

Your advantages with Putzier

We offer clients high-performance HVAF coatings with substantial advantages in erosive wear protection. Putzier has spent many years developing coatings for applications in sealing technology.