Sliding abrasion

Initial situation

Whenever components made of similar materials rub together owing to a lack of lubrication, increased adhesive abrasion takes place. This occurs for example in gear or clutch parts as well as thrust washers in the paper industry.

The solution

Putzier solves this problem by means of a mating surface with a coating which prevents adhesive wear and releases a lubricating effect. A metal alloy is used which is based on well-lubricating metal compounds, such as Putzier’s molybdenum (ML) or bronze (M18) coatings. The coatings are finished by grinding or turning. If necessary, they can be protected against subsurface corrosion or contamination by mean of impregnation. And by using the cold spray method, we can produce non-porous, oxide-free, very dense metallic coatings.

The result

This method makes for high-performance coatings that prevent adhesive wear on components and ensure good rubbing. Since we simply spray on the coatings exactly where sliding is required, you aren’t charged for expensive joining processes. This means we can regenerate  clients’ worn components inexpensively so that they can be reused.

Why choose Putzier?

Take advantage of our competitive edge built up by producing metallically pure, homogeneous, non-porous and oxide-free cold gas coatings of the highest quality. As one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance coating systems, if need be we can also provide suitable impregnation to protect surfaces. Given our broad range of methods, you can select the best coating for your individual needs.