Pump shafts

Initial situation

Untreated, hardened or hard-chromed shafts are often subject to increased wear on the bearing sets or seal seats. They are also liable to the sealing element wearing out prematurely due to the use of suboptimum mating surfaces.

The solution

Putzier meets this challenge by locally applying wear and corrosion resistant hard metal coatings to the bearing seats. For the mating surfaces of seal seats, we use wear and corrosion resistant ceramic or hard metal coatings. Depending on the circumstances, various coating types can be used. We’ll be happy to advise you on which coating is the most suitable for your particular case.
Examples of coating systems
Putzier’s MO26 and MC40 make for powerful mating surfaces which are wear and corrosion resistant. A declaration of compliance pursuant to EC 1935/FDA for food processing has been awarded. MC40 is characterized by particularly good heat dissipation.
To minimize subsurface corrosion, Putzier can apply a corrosion barrier beneath functional surfaces by means of cold gas spraying. The use of the special sealer technology developed and perfected by Putzier also enhances surfaces for use in sealing systems and highly corrosive substances.

The result

You benefit from longer-lasting, technically optimized surfaces with less wear and improved corrosion resistance, enabling longer operating times and reducing downtime costs. Since we can apply coatings locally, we can treat and even regenerate your components inexpensively.

Your advantages with Putzier

Our core competence lies in sealing systems – and we’ve invested years of research into their optimization in conjunction with universities, research institutes and seal manufacturers. This has enabled us to optimize thermal spray coatings for use as mating surfaces for all sorts of seal types. Our sealer technology has given us a competitive edge which can be used to your advantage. And the combination of new, innovative techniques with conventional thermal spraying methods also allows us to offer coating solutions to prevent subsurface deterioration in components subject to corrosion. Given our wide range of processes, the best possible coating can be selected for your individual case.