Regenerating machine components

Initial situation

Machine components can become badly worn on their bearing, sealing and packing seats owing to for example friction or corrosion. In these cases, our clients seek cost-effective repair options for worn components so that they can continue to use them. Salvaging components is especially important if they are no longer available on the market or are expensive because they are made out of expensive materials such as copper, titanium, niobium or tantalum.

The solution

Putzier’s thermal spray methods offer a wide range of ways to restore worn parts. Worn-out bearing, fitting and sealing seats can be re-coated and finished in order to precisely restore the original dimensions. Suitable techniques can be employed whenever existing functional surfaces need to be removed.
If dimensions can be inexpensively restored by means of spraying and finishing, Putzier can also optimize components not previously protected from wear but exposed to high stress by means of ceramic or hard metal surfaces to resist corrosion.
Cold gas spraying enables us to produce pure, homogeneous, non-porous and oxide-free metallic coatings. This allows worn components made out of expensive materials such as copper, tantalum, niobium and many others to be regenerated without breaking the bank!
If you don’t have any technical drawings of old components, on request we can also produce CAD drawings so that the supply of spare parts can be safeguarded for years to come.

Coating systems

To optimize resistance to wear, we recommend Putzier’s MO26, MC34 and MC40 coating systems. If you merely need to restore the original dimensions, the best option is ML05. Purely metallic, homogeneous and pore-free coatings made from for example copper, aluminium, tantalum or niobium can be produced to the highest quality and with the highest coating thicknesses by means of cold gas spraying.
To restore components which have suffered particularly high wear, it may be necessary to repair worn areas of the component with a material similar to the original one before applying the functional surface.

The result

As an inexpensive alternative to producing new components, we can recondition existing ones inexpensively and rapidly by spraying on thermal coatings. In contrast to new parts, we have many options  ranging from the simple restoration of the original dimensions to a variety of surface enhancements. And our services also run to producing technical drawings of your components so that replacements can be procured.

Why opt for Putzier?

Putzier has more than 30 years’ experience in thermal spray technology. Right from the start, we focused on regenerating complex components and meeting high standards in terms of tolerances and rotational accuracy.
Our extensive expertise benefits our clients in connection with the finishing of regenerated components and coating systems as well as sealer technology. The wide range of techniques available to us gives us a crucial competitive edge.