Electrical insulation

Initial situation

The subject of electrical insulation always arises whenever electricity needs to be prevented from passing through metallic machine components. Ball bearings, shaft seats and grinding chambers in subassemblies can all be insulated, as can sensors used in measuring systems. Components in subassemblies are separated from each other by spray coatings acting as insulators to prevent spark-over.
When thermoelectric generators are used to produce power from heat, aluminium oxide coatings are employed as insulators between the generator and the structural works.

The solution

Putzier uses an insulating, wear-resistant aluminium oxide ceramic coating for such purposes. One effective example is Putzier’s MO10 coating system. Moreover, sealers can be used to counteract the hygroscopic properties of aluminium oxide.

The result

Putzier coating systems increase the dielectric strength of components’ surfaces. The fact that we can apply coatings with insulating properties locally (i.e. on precisely the part of the surface where they’re needed) enables your components to be treated cost-effectively. And applying functional coatings to prevent wear is also an inexpensive approach since costly parts can be recycled.

Harness Putzier’s expertise!

Putzier’s core competence has been in thermal spray technology for more than 30 years. Our extensive expertise in this field makes us one of the market leaders in high-performance coating systems. And our sealer technology in particular has given us a significant competitive advantage. Thanks  to a wide range of processes, we can select the optimum coating for each individual case. Combining innovative processes with conventional thermal spraying techniques enables compound coating solutions to prevent subsurface deterioration in components susceptible to corrosion.